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We are Snijpunt, the authority on pre-cut vegetables, as supplier of semi prepared vegetables for food service suppliers, caterers, salad producers, and ready-made meal manufacturers. Every day, we provide our clients with a tailored selection of fresh vegetables cut to order for further preparation.

For our clients, we are both supplier and partner, so the quality of the product comes first and foremost. However, we also function as a knowledge centre, where our clients can come and take advantage of our knowledge and experience. We look forward to informing you about and advising you on the shelf life, freshness, options, and innovations of a product, especially our principal product, bell peppers. Snijpunt was founded in 1998 from a pepper cultivation business and therefore, knows the market like no other. Of course, you can ask us questions about other vegetables or slicing options as well. We are always happy to work with you toward finding a suitable solution.

Quality, flexibility, and reliability are the cornerstones of our business. This can be seen in our core values and our promises. These are the foundations from which we draw our motivation to provide the best products and services.



When you work with Snijpunt, you can be sure of several things. We call these our promises and you can count on us to keep our word. Always.

Our word is our bond

If you order under contract, you always get what was agreed upon, even if the price or quality of what is on the market is different than what was expected. With us, there are 3 options for collaboration and product/price determination. We can make daily, weekly, or seasonal arrangements. Those who choose the latter option, orders what we call ‘under contract’. This guarantees you the products that you need. Whether it is in terms of price or quality, we always deliver what we have agreed to. We promise!

Made fresh, six days a week

Since we work with selected growers and have developed our machines and preparation procedures, we are also able to keep this promise. The vegetables are supplied daily, directly from the nurseries to our preparation facility in De Lier. This facility is located on a property built specifically for its function, with various provisions that support the upkeep of food safety, freshness, and quality. After undergoing the standard quality-control measures, they are prepared to order as quickly as possible, according to the wishes of the client, and for no less than six days a week.

Always proactive about food safety

As one of the first BRC certified businesses in the Netherlands, we are always proactive about food safety.

We cannot say for sure whether we were the first, but we definitely know that we were one the first! Food safety should be a given in our sector, but unfortunately that is not always the case. For us, this is an additional reason to work even harder for it and not just to earn ourselves a BRC certification, but to constantly remain involved in the topic and to strive for innovations within it.

The needs of our clients are always our first concern

The needs of our clients are always our first concern, from our first conversations with them to after the products have been delivered.

We enjoy making the effort to really get to know our clients. You can always be sure that we will work quickly and do our best to get you what you need, when you need it. However, that is not where it stops for us. We always want to go that extra mile. The better we get to know each other, the less time it takes for us to come up with a suitable solution to your question. By being not just your supplier, but also your sparring partner, we can lay the foundation for the best collaboration. Do not be surprised if we call you after the delivery. We want to discuss how everything went and whether there were things that could be done differently in the future. Moving forward together is our goal.

We offer the most suitable options

We stay up-to-date on the latest developments regarding selection, availability, and techniques, so that we can always offer our clients the most suitable option.

We have the best in-house knowledge in the field of bell peppers, but you can just as easily ask us questions about other vegetables and slicing or preparation techniques. If we do not know the answer ourselves, we surely know someone with the expertise necessary to quickly be of service to you.

We have established an international network and this keeps us up-to-date on the availability and quality of our products. Our close collaboration and great arrangements with our growers allows us to offer services that do not just distinguish themselves in terms of cost, but also in their particularly fresh quality. These are two huge advantages for you as the client .